Windshield Washing Project

The very successful Illinois Windshield Washing Project began in 1987. Since then, every May motorcycle chapters and organizations partner to promote awareness of motorcycles on our roadways. At numerous interstate rest areas throughout the state, volunteers wash vehicle windshields and distribute motorcycle safety information reminding motorists to start seeing motorcycles. This program has spread to other states with volunteer motorcycle groups experiencing the same great success.

Motorcycles are small and sometimes difficult to see. The failure of motorists to see motorcycles in traffic is the most common cause of crashes involving motorcycles. Due to fewer bikes on the road during winter months, motorists become unaccustomed to seeing them. With motorcycles being more vulnerable and more likely to be injured in a crash, motorists need to always take a second look. Motorcyclists must also take precautions – drive defensively and wear high-vis clothing.

Since the project’s inception, motorcycle chapters and organizations have reached more than 35,000 motorists to alert them that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and to remember our safety message to Share the Road with motorcycles. Both reminders stress to motorists that looking out for motorcycles can saves lives.

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