Laws and Regulations

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Illinois Vehicle Code

Illinois Department of Transportation's Administrative Rule titled Illinois Cycle Rider Safety Training Program

Illinois Insurance Requirements

Illinois Motorcycle Operator’s Manual

Equipment and Helmet requirement by State

Licensing Requirement by State


Required Equipment:

Brakes — must have brakes on both wheels, with a separate means of application for each wheel or two separate means of application on the rear wheel.

Eye protection — Both driver and passenger must be protected by glasses, goggles or a transparent windshield.

Footrests — No passengers may be carried except in a sidecar or enclosed cab, unless the vehicle is equipped for passengers with footrests adjusted to fit the passenger.

Handlebars — Handlebars should not be higher than the height of the shoulders.

Headlights — At least one white light, visible for 500 feet, must be lighted whenever the motorcycle is being operated on streets or highways. A device to modulate the high beam of the head lamp may be used except when lighted lamps are required for all vehicles.

Horn — Must be heard for 200 feet.

License plate light — One white license plate light must be lighted whenever the headlight is on and must make the license plate visible at least 50 feet away.

Muffler — Must be in constant operation and properly maintained to prevent any excessive or unusual noise.

Rearview mirror — Must reflect a view of at least 200 feet.

Seat — Drivers are prohibited from carrying passengers unless the vehicle has been designed to carry two people.

Stoplight — One red light, actuated by the brake and visible for 500 feet.

Taillight — One red light, visible for 500 feet.

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