Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Be Visible

Wear high-vis clothing to make yourself obvious! Also, flash your brake light two or three times before slowing down or stopping and use hands signals as well.


Intersections are a common crash site for motorcyclists. Make sure to remain free from other car’s blind spots by assuming you are invisible and that motorists have not seen you. Leave yourself an out.



Drivers must remember to give a motorcyclist adequate space when passing. Stay in the designated lanes and do not change lanes quickly. Riders should remember to signal in advance and stay out of drivers’ blind spots.

Following Distance

All motorists should allow a minimum 3 second “space cushion”(One one thousand, two one thousand, Three one thousand) when following another vehicle. In poor weather conditions, allow a four or five-second following distance.

Always Remember

Check Your Bike

Before each ride, conduct a safety inspection of your motorcycle. Proper maintenance is essential even for short trips. Pre-Ride Inspection check list

Drive to Survive

Motorcycles provide no protection in the event of a crash. Because other drivers may not see a motorcycle, riders must use extra caution and be aware of everything on the roadways. Pay close attention to the signals and brake lights of other vehicles, especially trucks. Always be prepared in the event that the other vehicle’s signals or lights do not work – never tailgate. Remember to always ride with caution, drive defensively and always obey the laws of the road. Never ride in between lanes, share a lane with another vehicle or drive aggressively. These types of riding behaviors increase your chance of a crash and serious injury. Check your motorcycle driving skills

Check out this link from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for Tips about Riding with a Passenger